Driving Safety Tips that Every Parent Should Teach Their Young Drivers

If you have a kid that knows how to drive, as a parent, it is important to share with your young driver the important driving safety tips. This can aid to apply what they have learned from Oklahoma driving school. Teen drivers owned the highest percentage in terms of highway accidents that are associated with immature thinking and lack of driving experience. Assist your young driver to be a more considerate and safer driver with the help of the essential tips below: 

Buckle up 

Teens, except if they are used to wearing their seatbelts regularly and aren’t easily affected by friends, might believe that bucking up makes them “uncool.” Let them be reminded that they will not be allowed to drive if they refuse to do so. 

Car inspection 

Before hitting the road, a lot of us simply get in the car and just go. In fact, for all of us, most especially the teens, it is important to have your vehicle thoroughly inspected before actually starting the engine and go. This is most especially important during the winter season. Let them learn how to clean the mirrors, windows, and to guarantee that there are no children playing under or near the car. They should adjust the seats and mirrors as well. 

No drinks, food, or cellphones 

Let your young driver understand that they should never attempt to utilize their phones nor drink or eat while driving. Also, they should know about the other potential distractors that could be hazardous like applying makeup, trying to follow map directions, changing radio stations, goofing around, or arguing with friends.  

Obey traffic light/signs 

Teach them how to stop at lights or signs properly. They must practice how to brake smoothly, prevent braking the last minute or slamming on the brakes. As you stop behind other cars, your teen must enable sufficient space for him/her to see the rear tires of the vehicle in front. Persuade your young driver to always pay attention to all the direction before he/she will proceed into traffic. 

Caution and speed 

Help your young driver comprehend the essence to never over speed and to know about the speed limits within your place, particularly once they shift from one area to another. Allow them to notice that increased speed can minimize their ability to quickly stop in case there is unexpected events or conditions.  

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